From a picture to see the Chinese furniture industry in the future 从一张图看清中国家具业未来

Chinese furniture industry come to a historic turning point, the furniture industry to upgrade its industrial needs, resulting in the industry to upgrade the mode of operation; at the same time, the rapid development of network technology, but also brought revolutionary changes sales channels. Two Adjustments superposition, so that changes in China's furniture industry can be described as earth-shaking.

Such changes, make a lot of exposure to the furniture industry, business loss, there has been pessimism, confusion of emotions, there has been recklessness, impulsive behavior, there have been inaction, waiting for negative coping strategies.

Only to see the trend, to see the future in order to make the right decision. And to see the future of China's furniture industry, the need for scientific guidance.

Below this picture is made in the establishment of rigorous statistical basis. Read the this picture, you will understand the future of Chinese furniture industry. See the future of the industry, you will be able to calmly plan the future path of their own businesses.

Data From the above picture: The Japanese data from the Japanese national household income and consumption survey (2009), US data from the US Consumer Finance Survey (2013), China and the data from the Survey Research Center of Chinese family financial Southwest University of Finance 40,000 households household surveys.

Where the middle class is this: each person has 50000-500000 US dollars of net worth. Less than $ 50,000 of wealth is low, compared to $ 500,000 for the high wealth.

Why people keen to low-priced products

Information in the figure clearest indication: Why do people on low-priced furniture soft spot?

China up to eighty percent of the people still in the low-income class, they naturally extremely sensitive to the price of furniture. At this stage, the emergence of new low-cost channel will naturally flock. This may explain why the development of electronic business was thriving furniture, even if the electricity supplier problems continue, sales still rose sharply.

Revenue expenditure decided. High cost of traditional furniture sales channels, the price is relatively expensive, willing to go to the furniture store to buy furniture, people will naturally decrease. Traditional channels to compete with the emerging electricity supplier channels, and has been under cost pressure. How to reduce the cost of traditional sales channels, the furniture industry is a problem that must be considered. If you can not compete on cost with the new channels, the future sales of traditional channels is difficult to be optimistic. Especially after the electricity supplier has a better solution to their problems, the traditional channels will be under greater pressure.

High-end furniture is also room to grow tenfold

Information in the figure shows that the development experience of the United States and Japan to see if China can successfully get rid of the middle-income trap, jumped into the ranks of the rich countries, the proportion of its most affluent should account for about 10% of the total population. At present, only 1% of China this ratio. This means that there is room to grow tenfold.

In fact, the number of China's most affluent indeed been expanding into. From the high-end furniture sales, the performance of large listed companies finished furniture is growing rapidly, the purchasing power of the wealthy and apparently not affected by weakened but in a rising channel.

In the field survey furniture store, many municipal urban furniture store, there have been a large number of imported furniture store, also shows the high-end furniture for growth is indeed not small.

Of course, high-end furniture competition is fierce, but this part of the total expansion of the competition, the competition with the shrinkage of two different things.

Mid furniture is also room to grow two to three times

November 2012, China put forward the national income doubling plan. The specific content of the plan is: By 2020, per capita income of urban and rural residents increased compared to 2010 doubled. Income doubling plan of doubling revenues by referring to the low-income persons.

In recent years, due to the reduction of the labor force, companies have to increase wages expenditure, and with the further reduction of the workforce, and this trend will not slow down wage growth, will only accelerate.

Above, the United States and Japan national income comparison chart shows that from the experience of developed countries, the proportion of China's middle class is not high enough, there are at least twice as much room for growth, if various measures are in place, benign social development, it is there are three times the growth.

The future is not a long time, in the end furniture - targeted at middle-class consumption of furniture, there will still be a good development, but in the end furniture manufacturers competing, relatively limited room for growth, intensity of competition can be imagined.

Coupled with the middle class thinking, active, grass is always greener obvious characteristics, how much interest in traditional furniture from the share sales channels, is still unknown.

We live in an age of technology to drive productivity, and social statistics on the outcome clearly has demonstrated in the future of the furniture industry, which way, which level to meet market demand, you have to make a decision today .

Based on scientific data on the basis of decision-making is reliable, the future is in your action today in.

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