China Furniture Association continue to promote Sino-Canadian cooperation in furniture and wood中国家具协会继续推动中加两国家具与木材合作

Source: China Furniture Association Analysis: China Furniture Association

China Furniture Association and Canadian furniture and wood industry-related organizations over the years maintained close contact. In recent years, the exchange with the Canadian government and institutions Embassy, Canada Wood, Alberta Government of Canada, British Columbia, Canada Timber Association Quebec Furniture Manufacturers' Association, the Ontario Association of wood in study visits Forum events, conferences, trade and other aspects of docking carried out fruitful cooperation.

Following the September 2015 mission to the Organization of Beijing, Tianjin furniture Canada, December 2, 2015, China Furniture Association of Canada Wood China Forum 2015 by the Canadian Wood Association.

The forum, China Furniture Association, Zhu Changling, Tu Qi, director of the Ministry of Information, Beijing Furniture Industry Association vice president and secretary general Ren Shuqin, Tianjin Furniture Industry Association executive vice president and secretary general high Xiuzhi, Hebei Province Furniture Association Secretary-General Yang Ling and three provinces of Beijing, Tianjin, more than 30 well-known furniture business leaders attended the event.

Forum "Canadian wood to create a greener future". Beijing Canadian Embassy Commercial Counselor Josiane Simon in his speech described the advantages of Canada Wood, expressing the wish to strengthen cooperation with China timber trade aspirations.

Zhu Changling, China Furniture Association forum in his speech that China's growing demand for high-quality wooden furniture companies importing timber, the timber trade between China and Canada has great potential. China Furniture Association, Canadian lumber companies willing to help develop the Chinese market, but also the introduction of outstanding imports of timber resources to build a platform for Chinese enterprises. Canada hopes the two sides to discuss how to strengthen cooperation, promote mutual benefit. China Furniture Association will further deepen ties with the Canadian Wood Association, jointly to promote trade cooperation and common prosperity of the two countries to contribute.

Forum respectively, "Canada's trade in wood, furniture and value-added product opportunities" and "Wood added opportunities" as the theme, carried out two teams of experts to discuss. Tangshan HSBC Industrial Group Co., Ltd., chairman of Shun with conviction on behalf of Chinese furniture enterprises to participate in the discussion forum activities.

Participate in the forum as well as the leadership of Materials Science and Technology, Beijing Forestry University, Temple of Heaven furniture, beautiful furniture, Ronglin Shi Jia furniture, furniture Sunseeker, Charlie family Furniture, Bluebird furniture, red furniture, furniture Baiqiang Nanyang Forest furniture, furniture Li & Fung, Heron furniture, wood Huaxin Yuan, Cheng prosperous furniture, Articles furniture, Yaao furniture, longtime furniture, office furniture Haihe River, Pearl of furniture, furniture Qu Fu, Nuodan furniture, Ya Landi Adams furniture, Xinpeng furniture, furniture Aolan Deng Jun Duowang furniture, Daewoo furniture, furniture and many other Fortune 30 furniture business leaders.

At the meeting, Chairman of the Canada Wood Rick Jeffrey, British Columbia, forestry, land and natural resources department director Steve Thomson, Interfor international forest products company President and CEO Duncan Davies, Conifix forest industry company President and CEO Ken Shields, Canfor president and CEO Donald Kayne, Tolko president and CEO Brad Thorlakson introduced the basic situation of China's import and export trade of timber and Canada, to help Canada for bilateral timber trade.

Canada Wood as a non-profit organization supported by the Government of Canada and industry, committed to the integration of global resources market in China, the two sides together to create added value in the timber industry. As an important raw material of wood bulk goods is essential for rapid economic development of China, Canada, as one of the world's largest supply of timber country, has the world's largest forest certification and sustainable legal timber supply. Canada's high-quality, stable, competitive types of timber and timber products to provide high-quality raw materials for China's real estate, furniture, decoration, outdoor landscape and other industrial applications.

The forum is the China Furniture Association and the Canadian Association of Wood again Sino-Canadian cooperation in the timber trade negotiations. The event received attention three provinces of Beijing, Tianjin Furniture Association, the provinces agreed to further understand the needs of the furniture industry, specifically with the Canadian timber industry collaboration point, meaningful participation by Canada Wood visits and trade activities, and more pragmatic promote Sino-Canadian trade in wood and furniture.

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