Health is the greatest wealth, health is the greatest happiness.

     Research shows: Most pain can not be formed overnight, but because of the long-term non-healthy people of sleep caused. And healthy sleep can largely prolong life expectancy.

    Concerned about your health and taking care of your sleep, you cherish life a third ......

Sleep and health mystery

    Sleep is mutually alternating from slow phase of sleep and sleep and fast phase composition. In normal adult within about eight hours of sleep a night time, the two-phase alternating sleep cycle takes about three to four times. So, what is slow relative to the fast phase of sleep and sleep it?

    Slow phase of sleep: also known as normal phase of sleep or slow-wave sleep, abbreviated NREM. When entering the slow phase of sleep, breathing slowly and evenly, more stable blood pressure, pulse, secretion of pituitary "growth hormone" to increase and promote the body's metabolism, making the physical restoration, which is also known as "the body's sleep." According to the depth of sleep, slow phase of sleep is divided into somnolence; light sleep; sleep and deep sleep in four stages. People do not get healthy sleep is due to the environment and bedding. Sleep less time, stay more time in light sleep stage. Light sleep because sleep is not deep, to the external environment remains certain reaction, it is easy to wake up because of external interference; if not wake up, but also to maintain a certain reaction. Some people tell themselves "the whole night," is the truth.

    Generally it consists of deep sleep to awake about 80-120 minutes, and then they entered the second phase ---- fast phase of sleep.

    The fast phase of sleep: also known as paradoxical sleep or REM sleep, called REM. After slow phase of sleep after into the fast phase of sleep, then, the body's various sensory function further decline, more muscle relaxation, tendon reflexes, irregular breathing, body temperature rise, rapid heart rate, sleep deepened, and brain cell metabolism strong, so that mental restoration, which is also known as "the brain's sleep." The fast phase of sleep stage is not only important stage of sleep, but for the entire life has special significance, because at this stage, the body's metabolic functions are significantly increased in order to ensure that the brain tissue protein synthesis and consumption of supplementary material, the nervous system can normal development, but also for people campsites power savings. Mental recovery period is longer than manual labor, because to get a normal fast phase of sleep difficulty is greater than the slow phase of sleep.

    This stage is more than a dream stage. Dreaming is not a waste of time, in fact, dreaming is a healthy physiological needs of the body, it has many useful features; conducive to the strengthening of the recovery of brain function; to bring people happy memories; transfer early signs of the disease; help people to creative thinking, Moreover, the dream sleep to prolong human life plays a big role.

    What is healthy sleep?

    Healthy sleep means sleep easy, good quality sleep, easy to intermittent, in sleep, deep sleep and rapid phase of sleep time the total sleep time for over 80% less turning the body during sleep, and the body will not sleep deformed spine . Because good night's sleep, energy during the day, will not or little nap.

    So, how to get healthy sleep it? According to medical studies at home and abroad show, in addition to having a good sleep environment outside, healthy sleep is by having a largely effective load bearing capacity, high quality mattresses to achieve.

    When the body lying parts of the body weight distribution: 40% of the hips; back 15%; 10% of the head; the feet of 10%; 25% waist. The contact part of the body with the bed pressure on average 5kg / cm, only the parts of the body muscles and bones can be fully relaxed and effective support, we sleep in order to be thorough. Mattress is not the harder the better, this is well known, because after research and analysis, stiffer springs being limited technical parameters, but must increase the number of internal spring bed nets and harder to make up for filler quality defects, the spring diameter is smaller, the greater the pitch diameter of the waist like a wooden bed mattress, past wooden bed is not in accordance with the body's curves to give effective support, so as to achieve the fast phase of deep sleep and sleep less time, and it will gradually be eliminated.

    The Music Group ten years a lot of manpower and material resources to build central China's premier health Sleep Research Center, the number of industry experienced engineers to preside over the long-term commitment to human health sleep study culture, but also a combination of world-renowned ergonomics research well-designed unit, with advanced human scientific testing equipment, developed a variety suitable for Chinese people's sleep habits healthy sleep mattress series.

    Health, from sleep onset ------ have linked music to enjoy healthy sleep.

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