[Job Status]

Financial Accounting

job requirements:

1 Age: 23-36 years old, male or female

2, accounting, financial management, certified public accountants and other professional graduate degree or above;

3, hard work, serious and rigorous, pragmatic integrity, a good work ethic;

4, quick thinking, ability to accept, good at summing up experience;

5, skilled use financial and Office software, Kingdee, UF and other financial systems have the actual operation is preferred;

6, with good communication skills, teamwork, compression and strong;

7, there are qualification certificates, along with junior accounting qualification certificate is preferred.

Warehouse storage 2

1, college education, requires male, logistics management, property management and other professional priority; warehouses practical work experience, have good communication skills, a strong sense of teamwork, not afraid of hardship preferred.

Marketing Specialist 1

    1. Bachelor's degree or above, marketing, advertising, management and other professional priority;

    2, market research, market planning, branding and marketing and other aspects of work experience;

    3, the news media have a certain knowledge, writing skills;

    4, team spirit, pragmatic, dedicated.

Intends Union: 86569188 or fax resume to Chen 277140059@qq.com

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