A service commitment

(A) replacement treaty:

From the date of the factory since, in the case of normal use, the following quality problems within five years, I will be responsible for free replacement.

1, mattress spring steel wire stab pad surface;

2, spring wire due to fatigue caused by broken spring;

3, spring mattress serious collapse collapse;

4, the inner core mattress pad serious material damage;

(Ii) repair Treaty:

Appears outside the scope of the first five years from the date of shipment from general product quality problems or ten years within the scope of the first product quality problems more than five years, the company responsible for maintenance free; other times and circumstances, I provide paid service, charging only the cost of materials.

(C) the unintentional loss Baopei Treaty:

From the date of customer purchase within three years, at the user's site interior, since foreign obvious loss caused by theft, fire or due to force majeure and damage caused by natural disasters, the local police, fire departments certify and defaced products and wreckage scene photos, I received confirmation in accordance with the value of the company after the purchase of the equivalent compensation mattress.

Warranty period (iv) the product is calculated from the date of the factory.

Appear (five) regular size product quality problems during the warranty period, please call 400-027-1999 turn 1 (9: 00-17: 00), there will be after-sales staff to follow up treatment.


Second, the return clause

The date (a) Shaped customized products from customer engagements under-production of non-quality problems rebate does not change; profiled custom products such as quality problems, customers are required within seven working days United Music Group and after-sales department in consultation repair or return ;

(Ii) a non-regular size product quality problems, due to customer reasons, within seven days after delivery (including delivery day) need to return the required products, packaging, documentation, and the resulting activity does not affect the secondary sales be returned. Customers need to pay the return generated by the human resources, logistics, sterilization costs. From the start to the date of delivery of more than seven days, and I shall not return;

(C) the date of regular size product quality problems from the date of purchase has serious quality problem within 90 days, the customer can choose to repair, replacement or return; from serious quality problems within 180 days from the date of purchase, customers can choose a free repair or replacement ; quality problems within the warranty period the rest of the time, the company responsible for the free repair. Contributions through the normal procedures of the sales contract and warranty certificate is valid for return;

(D) a customer is back in any case, the replacement shall be required to return back to the company in return at the same time, when the exchange of goods preferential purchase rights and interests of the bonus gifts, coupons, gifts, prizes or other nature . As bonus gifts, coupons, gifts, prizes, etc. I can not be returned, the customer shall gifts, coupons, gifts, prizes, etc. price amount (such as gifts without prices, places purchase cost as a standard) return to my company, can only refund, replacement procedures.


Third, the purchase Notes

(A) Due to mattresses, bed frames, sofas and other large household items belonging to unconventional size, color and other templates customized products, if not quality problems, I will not return, replacement;

(B) the wood naturally occurring materials, natural color, different textures is inevitable, not a quality problem. Leather slightly due to different batches of color is a normal phenomenon, not a quality problem.

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