Marketing layout

As of 2014, The LIANLE immediate self-chain of stores to reach more than 1,200 cities and towns across the country joined the store has reached more than 2,000. In addition to the establishment of group marketing company headquartered in Wuhan, also set up marketing headquarters are in the north of Zhengzhou, Fuzhou, the establishment of marketing headquarters in the South; and set up marketing offices in major cities nationwide.

At the same time the country set up marketing agency, The Music mattress also exported to Europe, America, Middle East, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.





Brand Promotion

Over the years, LIANLE has always been linked to the construction of brand marketing on the weight of being constantly explore new forms, find new ways to make the brand to continue to innovate, "love" and "family" culture advocated linking Lok brand gradually known, popular.



Show Marketing

Since 2005, The LIANLE participate fixed annual China (Guangzhou) International Furniture Fair, the International Furniture Fair (Dongguan), Shanghai Furniture and other international exhibitions, and actively participate in the United States and Europe show in Milan Furniture Fair, has accumulated a large number of overseas resources. Through the exhibition, a better understanding of users worldwide The Music, The Music and thus get to know more friends from all over the world, to broaden the global market. A joint understanding of the world music, the music is also linked to the world.



Store Marketing




Marketing Logistics


  In the field of marketing, sales and logistics support is a very important part.

  An important exhibition, Marketing Manager product image and corporate image company establish a sound system of modern logistics and warehousing systems, has developed thousands of management system, so that rapid response, service standardization, and the acquisition of more than 100 vehicles the size of trucks, specialized for free delivery, customer service and large long-distance transport.

  Service level is a barometer of the level of enterprise management, good after-sales service to enhance customer loyalty and a sense of dependence on their products. The company established a complete customer service files, regularly issued "Customer Satisfaction Survey" tens of thousands of copies, recovery and return visit rates were 99.8% and 98.3%, respectively, per year. According to a survey conducted comprehensive scientific returning statistical data and accurate analysis, development of programs to improve the service view to customer satisfaction. We have also set up a customer service center, "talk face to face, heart to heart communication, honest service" with consumers, when consumer good nanny and consultants.

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