Socially responsible is a basic trait of every modern enterprise; In recent years, companies in the disaster relief donations, philanthropy, poverty alleviation and donate Wan area, has accumulated tens of millions of donated funds and materials.

     Each person is a social person, together musicians are no exception. The Music-oriented social training skilled expertise, professionalism, there are all kinds of talents and enterprising spirit. Fulfill corporate social responsibility. Social progress is inseparable enterprises, enterprise development is inseparable from the quality of the staff increases, staff quality enhancements must be reflected in improved quality of life and, eventually, to reflect the progress of society as a whole, this is a process of virtuous circle; enterprises should change their concepts, enhance social responsibility.

     To build a harmonious enterprise is a long and arduous task, The Music will continue to fulfill its responsibilities and obligations for the harmonious development of society and make greater contribution.

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