Aerial view of The  LIANLE

  Hubei The LIANLE Group is located in nine provinces thoroughfare China's Wuhan City, Hubei Province, is the famous furniture manufacturing to software based, alcohol brewing, chemical and pharmaceutical, stevedoring, hotels, agricultural and sideline products processing in one of the diversified enterprise group.

  The  LIANLE Group was founded in the early 1980s, after nearly 30 years of sustained development, has become China Furniture Association and vice president of units, the National Standardization Committee furniture units, the Chinese furniture industry was the first "Chinese famous brand" and other awards of national standard of good conduct business. The company has built Pan Bay, char, Wuhan three "joint Lok Industrial Park", covers an area of one million square meters; existing fixed assets of 580 million yuan, serving more than 1,200 employees; with the United States, Germany, Switzerland , Japan and other countries to introduce, with the world's leading level, Upholstered furniture production equipment and computer-controlled upholstered furniture production line; has set consumption of alcohol brewing, carbon dioxide recovery, biogas, organic fertilizer production cycle, utilization of environment-friendly production of alcohol assembly line. Upholstered furniture company R & D cooperation with well-known domestic and foreign research institutes, the use of new materials, new processes, new technology, has developed the "spinal care mattresses", "plant spring mattress," "bamboo carbon mattress" and other 10 kinds of healthy sleep new products and access to national patents. The Music brand products in strict accordance with national standards for the design, development and production, annual production of more than 100 million mattress bed, sofa, more than 20 million pieces, alcohol 50,000 tons, 30,000 tons of chemical products, the output value of more than 10 billion products are exported to the Middle East, South America, East Asia and other countries and regions.

  The  LIANLE Group is China's furniture industry, the exclusive participation of China's first "soft spring mattress industry standards," the drafting units; a number of occasions to participate in China's furniture industry, national standards and sofa mattress industry standard drafting and revising; companies with strong comprehensive strength and technical strength. As former chairman of the National Association JIA Qing designed for music group linked by the title: "build quality brands, to lead the trend of home," The Music Group is the country upholstered furniture research and development, production areas play an important role.

The  LIANLE Development of

  The LIANLE Group of Hubei this year is the 30th anniversary, The Music review the development process, summed up as "five stages."

  Historic choice

  The  LIANLE Group, the predecessor of Jiayu County in Hubei Province mattress factory, founded in 1985, initially for Panjianwan Jiayu County bay of town to do business, when you set up a total investment of 1.02 million yuan, only loss to the remaining two years more than 30 million. In early 1988, Zhou Yan's current president, join together all the property mortgaged, contracted bedding plants, then to achieve a turnaround, the enterprise has embarked on the track of healthy development.

  Historic change

  In 1993, Zhou Yan, president of the self-financing, the mattress factory one-time buyout, restructuring of private enterprises, changed its name to Hubei The Music Bedding Holdings Limited. This historic Nirvana, far in the forefront of countries "on the state-owned collective enterprises reform and turnaround," the official documents that came to be known as a historic initiative.

  Historic shift

  In 1998, in order to seek more room for development, to accelerate the pace of enterprise development, The Music Group, set up in Wuhan marketing company; in 2001, president and chairman of The Music Group decided to move production of the main thoroughfare of nine provinces of the metropolis - Wuhan. Backed metropolitan The Music Group, the rapid development, production and management efficiency has improved significantly, the annual turnover broke through the billion mark.

  Historic leap

  2001, The  LIANLE of the main production moved to Wuhan, mainly by lease production plant, the plant is not complete, small size, mercy is not open, restricted the development of production, the impact on the corporate image. Company decision-makers assess the situation, decisive decision-making, invested 220 million yuan to purchase land in the peaceful rural village iron machine Hongshan District 180 acres, the construction of "The Music Industry Park." The first phase of the project has invested 120 million yuan to build more than 50,000 square meters of modern furniture manufacturing base and cadres and workers living areas and fully put into use, to achieve a joint music leaps and bounds. The second phase of the project will invest 100 million yuan to build the country's largest health sleep research center, training center and modern furniture exhibition center, among the same industry leader.

  Historic brilliant

  Since 2005, The  LIANLE Group officially entered the fast lane, on the one hand, Chinese enterprises won a series of brand-name products, Chinese environmental label products, China's well-known trademarks and other awards. On the other hand, as the China Furniture Association and vice president and China Furniture Standardization Technical Committee member units, The Music Group has participated in China's furniture industry drafting of national standards and revision, and has won the advanced group standardization furniture and individual title. After advancing China Light Industry Furniture (upholstered furniture) top ten enterprises, The Music Group Think globally, promote the standardization of production and management and access to national standard of good conduct business awards, its products also gained international standard product symbol. The Music Group, people's livelihood, relief, concern socially vulnerable groups, won the "30th anniversary of reform and opening up 20 years of China Furniture Association," social welfare award. At the national vigorously promote energy conservation and environmental protection today, The Music Group is actively upgrading, the first use of advanced materials and technology, and strive to achieve the environmental protection products is much higher than the national standard, really let people must be assured. Faced with fruits, we do not feel proud, but not the slightest neglect, since they are heavier responsibility every honor bearer, inspired every linking musicians work hard, never stop.

The  LIANLE in the development of national standards

  The  LIANLE Group attaches great importance to product standards work. On the basis of strict implementation of national industry standards, we actively carry out exchanges and trade cooperation, and strive to promote new industry standards, the introduction and implementation of new policies. The Music domestic and foreign research institutes to work closely so that it can continue to maintain a leading edge technology, and to make it as an inexhaustible motive force to promote enterprise development. The Music Group has repeatedly involved in the review and revision of national standards and industry furniture standard furniture, furniture standards and Publicizing made a positive contribution.

The  LIANLE Group chairman Zhou Dewen attend Chinese furniture industry will be the national standard validation photo (second row, sixth from left Comrade Zhou German)

Zhou Dewen, chairman of the National Union Music Group Furniture Standardization Technical Committee members of the second session of the Conference of the photo (third row, from left eleventh Comrade Zhou German)

The  LIANLE Culture

  People-oriented, and strive to build a harmonious culture associated music; With the progress of society, especially the staff of the new generation of employees, there has been a wide range of demands, with the broader lifestyle choice, desire a decent and dignified life. This is an important indicator of social progress, but also the era of the modern enterprise requirements.

  The  LIANLE systematically planning, so that employees truly have the opportunity to progress, the interests of security, the spirit about love, living color, there are difficulties in helping to create a harmonious environment to promote the stability of the team.

  Eclectic selection of personnel, as a private family business, The Music has always adhere to the moral standard breeding talent. Employees' rights guaranteed in wage income, social security, labor protection and welfare benefits, in strict compliance with laws and regulations, so that employees have a better in all aspects of security, at the same time, companies continue to create high quasi-standard industrial park, improve environmental work and life.

  Staff amateur cultural life rich and colorful, spiritual life more fulfilling; events scheduled each year is very rich: New Year's dinner staff, "March" Women's Day holiday gift sent condolences workers, summer workers Basketball League, "July" party members to carry out learning and community activities, corporate events center badminton, billiards and other places open all year round, to meet staff amateur cultural life.

  Efforts to help poor employees, is a traditional company has always insisted; difficulties for the family, or illness, or injury, the company and must visit and condolences, send love, so that each employee can feel the warmth of the company.

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