The LIANLE promote cultural highlight the brand characteristics

Corporate culture is the integration of various elements of the enterprise resources, is the core competitiveness of the driving force; it cast the enterprise vitality, cohesion and creativity, to enable enterprises to youthful vigor. The Music After nearly 30 years of entrepreneurial development, the accumulation of a "post-work people do, after the first Lide Founding" cultural ideas, refining the "integrity and pragmatic · · · solidarity and innovation" entrepreneurial spirit, created the "Haorenhaomeng , the Music life "brand culture.

Zhou Yan, president of The Music Group led the musicians in the United first venture, the practice of the "hard work, diligence and entrepreneurial spirit of enterprise governance; tenacity, perseverance and dedication; the transformation strain, innovation spirit of innovation; Patriotic Edmonton, dedication to serve the community; assiduously, studious and enterprising spirit; there is life, struggle more than the fighting spirit "of six spirit. The six spirit, we are linking musicians Mizu treasure of spiritual wealth, the second venture of inexhaustible power, a new round of development of the holy grail.

The LIANLE Group chairman and general manager Zhou German musicians led the Union in the second venture, the inherited cultural tradition linking music, learn the essence of traditional culture, rich cultural connotations associated music and innovative concept of linking music culture. He proposed:

We have to do a good business, the standard is: "products to customer satisfaction, the staff happy life, the integrity of the Government assured that let executives manage Shuxin, benefit shareholders happy."

Our healthy sleep cultural philosophy is: "people-oriented, advocating science of sleep, fuel for the body, energize your brain."

Declaration We sleep culture is: "Success begins with a dream, the future by supporting healthy."

Our mission is: "Sleep efforts to promote cultural revolution, so that human health has an excellent night's sleep."

Our goal is: "strive to achieve development in the production of sleep products in newer, better, more beautiful, to be a partner worthy of the trust of users."

Our values are: "user needs as I do, customer satisfaction as I seek to create supreme, but the reputation of good faith."

Our pursuit is: "a good rest, work just fine; good sleep, the body better."

Our belief is: "good guys have dreams, dreams have had success."

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